365 Day Project

By Karen Isbell

Bryan and I decided to do the 365 day project this year since we have so much going on to document. Instead of trying to start a new blog and update it everyday, I’m going to post our pics on this blog every Friday…to change it up a bit from personal reflection posts.

Here is a reflection of our first week:

New Years Eve: Heather and I showing off our growing bellies! Me: 30 weeks; Heather: 22 weeks

Bryan and I celebrated New Years with Andrew and Heather Smith. Its become our “tradition” over the last 4 years. We ate at Vinny’s and had TCBY for desert. We watched the Auburn game and rang in 2012 at the Smith home.

January 1: Bryan started P90X today. This is not a typical Isbell dinner! Rotisserie Chicken with green beans and steamed carrots and NO CARBS!!!

January 2: Every 6 weeks we have our Lead Team Meeting at church. We are so thankful for the people we get to serve the Kingdom with! Bryan and Zack definitely bring the fun!

January 4: Chicken Spaghetti with steamed asparagus. I broke a record cooking 3 days in a row :)
January 4: The third trimester has brought the return of naseau so it was a quiet night at home

January 5: Today was a full day…WIPEOUT is always good stress relief

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