365 Project: Week 2

By Karen Isbell

Friday, January 6: My mom and sis came for the weekend and surprised me by bringing my rocker! It’s a chair that has been in our family for several generations and each generation has recovered it. Now it was my turn! My dad put a rocker attachment on the bottom that we can remove afterward! Just a few artwork details to finish and the nursery will be ready for little Bisbell’s arrival!

Saturday, January 7: My mom, sister, little Ben and I spent the day shopping and registering. My sister helped me tackle Babies-R-Us and its overwhelming number of items to select from! Our baby prep list is getting shorter each week! (Today deserved 2 photos)

My adorable nephew: Ben

Sunday, January 8: Most Sunday evenings are spent with David and Farah. We usually play a game so the boys can be competitive and Farah and I can work on being more competitive :) We played Settlers of Catan and of course Bryan won. Korwyn usually hangs out with us while we play. You can’t see it, but tonight she enjoyed playing in a laundry basket. 

Monday, January 9: FAIL day – we forgot to take a picture :( However, for memory sake I will document our day. Several nights of our week are spent hanging out with our friends Andrew and Heather. Tonight we had Chiptole for dinner followed by Yogli Mogli for dessert. The rest of the evening was spent watching the National Championship while I slept :)

Tuesday, January 10: Tonight was pretty low key, Bryan wasn’t feeling well so after getting him some meds the rest of the evening was spent chilling. We both like to play games on our IPhones…you will find him playing Words with Friends and me playing Sudoku.

Wednesday, January 11: We got a special package in the mail today! A dear friend of mine who have I known since I was 16 (we have never lived on the same side of the country!) knit a precious hat and two washcloths for our little Bambino! Such a special surprise!

Thursday, January 12: Yes, this chocolate pudding deserves its own spot. Wednesday night we had a potluck dinner and I thought someone had brought chocolate pudding – only to find out it was black bean hummus (which was DELICIOUS), however, my craving for chocolate pudding was insatiable…so I picked some up on my way home last night and might have eaten 2 :)

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  1. Dianne Corwin
    January 14, 2012 at 12:13 pm (6 years ago)

    I love the updates–I am going to have to visit more regularly. I love the room-enjoyed the visit with you and Bryan. Love you lots–Momma


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