365 Project: Week 3

By Karen Isbell

Friday, January 13: I spent the day finishing up different Baby “Prep for Landing” projects. I put different quotes from Narnia and Bible verses about the lion and lamb into the frames and made some clothes dividers for the closet.

Saturday, January 14: Baby “Prep for Landing” projects continued…these were not as fun…cleaning out! I cleaned out a complete dresser and 3 drawer bin…3 bags of trash and 2 boxes of donations later I felt much more organized. The process did involve some fun walks down memory lane!

Sunday, January 15: There is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap. This is where you will find Bryan and I most often on Sunday afternoons. Our “tradition” of Isbell Sunday nights continued with an early celebration of Dax and Farah’s birthday with cookie cake and a game of Cities and Knights (David finally ended Bryan’s winning streak!)

Monday, January 16: We forewent the usual Sunday grocery trip for an extra long nap so Monday we did our weekly load up

Tuesday, January 17: There are many things the South does well, but the West Coast knows how to do Teriyaki right! We have tried to recreate the delicious meal with little success. Tuesday night we came pretty close! Those with more refined palates may disagree but for us it was a great accomplishment!

Wednesday, January 18: I really love to sew and enjoy making things for friends. The sewing machine and I had a little run in today though :) I somehow managed to get my finger just right so the needle went through it (no severe damage though!)

Thursday, January 19: Bryan has band practice on Thursday nights and I tutor a 4th grader in reading. After a long day we packed for Alabama and then Disney!!!

2 Comments on 365 Project: Week 3

  1. Mehgan
    January 20, 2012 at 9:50 am (6 years ago)

    Karebear! I miss u. Love love ur nursery photos. When r u due? Would love to catch up sometime.

    • Karen
      January 20, 2012 at 10:10 am (6 years ago)

      Hey Mehgan! We are due March 10! I would love to catch up with you soon too! I’ll let you know when I come to town after the little one is born :)


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