5 Powerful Prayers You Can Pray for Your Child


I’m so excited you want to pray powerful and purposeful prayers for your child! Praying for our children is such a gift. We get to partner with God to watch our children bloom into who He created them to be.

But it’s hard, isn’t it?

I grew up watching and hearing my mom pray over and for me. Yet, as a mom, I struggle to put together a complete sentence, much less prayers that feel powerful and effective. In the midst of juggling motherhood, being a wife, working and serving at church, my prayer life often falls flat.

We have an enemy that wants to keep us from praying because he knows the power prayer holds. The distractions keeping us from praying powerful and purposeful prayers are endless. It’s easy to feel defeated before we have even started.

In my desperation to find the right words, God graciously reminded me of the power of praying His Word. We don’t have to depend on our mom brain to pray powerful prayers. He has given us already written, complete sentences in His Word!

It is always worth us showing up daily to fight for our children’s hearts. The toughest battles we face in parenting are on our knees, praying and fighting for their hearts.

Here are five scripture prayers to encourage and equip you as you show up to pray powerful and purposeful prayers for your children. Sign up here.