5 Years

By Karen Isbell

I’m really not sure why someone chose odd numbered years to mark significance I much prefer even numbers :) but alas it is the tradition and I do like tradition.

5 years ago (on an odd numbered day :) ) I had the honor of becoming Mrs. Bryan Isbell. The journey that brought us to that alter was bumpy because we were both broken. I cherish everything from our wedding day not just because it was a wonderful celebration but because it was a reminder of redemption. A foretelling of the wedding feast that Jesus is preparing for His Bride whose journey was bumpy because she was broken…but He came to redeem and heal her.  We didn’t begin our journey perfect but He is making us more and more like Him as we travel the road of marriage. In these first 5 year we have fought hard with and for each other. We have laughed hard with and at each other. We have cried hard with and foreach other. We have dreamed big together. We have been hurt and disappointed together. We have sharpened each other and we have comforted each other.

I love telling our story not because its wonderfully romantic (which of course it is :) ) but because for me it is a reminder of the faithfulness of God to take two broken and imperfect people and make them beautiful for His glory! We celebrate and remember and thank Him for all that He has done and all that He is doing!

Happy Anniversary Love!

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