A Solid Foundation

By Karen Isbell

I went to visit my former class a few weeks ago. It was such a fun time to see their faces and responses when they saw me, but also to celebrate their progress. As my former Assistant Principal and I talked about what an excellent job the new teacher was doing and all the progress the students were making she commented, “but you gave them the foundation to build on.” As I drove home (I do not miss that 55 minute drive!) I pondered her words.

What kind of foundation am I building in the season of life I am in now?

I realized we never know when God will move us on from our current season of life. In my former season as a teacher, I could have chosen not to build a solid foundation, leaving a mess for the new teacher. Or, build a solid foundation for the new teacher and students to continue to build on. The choice had been mine, and I was now faced with the same choice in my new season.

When looking at the life of Jesus, we see this with the disciples. He built a solid foundation for them to build on after He returned to Heaven, allowing the Gospel and the early church to be propelled forward. The same of Paul and the early church. We are building on the foundation that the saints before us built. But, we are also building new foundations for the saints who will come after us.

I love this reminder that our influence is not always based on our physical presence!

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