Fun Friday: Hello Summer

By Karen Isbell

Summer begins today for Bryan!

We don’t have any concrete plans yet for any summer excursions, but I’m sure there will be some fun in the sun!

Last Friday my sister drove up from Alabama and we tackled IKEA. I forgot to prepare Ellie adequately for shopping with Aunt Jenn and mom…its a marathon!

Throughout the weekend I ventured into the jungle that was our desk to make a usable space for me to work. I started a new job this past Monday and I’ll be working from home some days.

I need to work on taking pictures of me and Bryan with Ellie…but we all know y’all really just want to see her :)

Ellie is doing great with her tummy time! She is holding her head very well and has started to lift her feet so she looks like she is flying sometimes…its so cute. She is very active, when she lays on her back she kicks and moves her arms. She loves talking to her animals that hang down above the changing table. She talks all the time now…she gets it honestly from her momma :) She was 10 weeks this past Wednesday. Time is flying so quickly. I get so excited when she wakes up because I love playing with her! Bryan got to stay home with her on Monday while I was working. (She had a little fever the night before so we didn’t want a sitter keeping her in case she had to go to doctor, but she never had a fever again!). They had a great day together playing! He is such a great dad! She loves talking to him :)

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