By Karen Isbell

It was 20 more miles to the state line rest stop.

I was driving.

Ellie was crying.

Speeding down 85, I realized, I had a choice.

I could set Ellie up for success or failure.

My expectations of her would allow this situation to grow us or frustrate us.

I am amazed that I even have expectations for a 3 month old.

She can barely control her arms and legs, let alone her thoughts and actions.

In order to set her up for success I must be aware of the expectations I have for her and determine if they are realistic.

Setting realistic expectations allows her to meet them and often exceed them, drawing us closer together.

Setting unrealistic expectations causes me to become frustrated over something she has no control over.

My expectations of her need to grow with her.

Expectations are a healthy tension that will always be a part of our relationship.

My prayer is that I choose to set her up for success more often than failure.

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