I would be a great bear

By Karen Isbell

Don’t worry its not because I would be good at being grizzly and stealing your food :) but because I would gladly hibernate ALL winter long!

My husband and I are especially good at what we call “soaking”. It could quickly become a family value :). We are even better at soaking during the winter. Oh to settle in for a long winters nap.

Obviously our society does not cater to my bear tendencies but all hope for hibernation is not lost! As a wife, teacher, leader, friend, etc hibernation is vital in order for me to thrive.  I must hide away to renew and refresh my spirit, mind and body in order for Living streams to flow through me.

Just like a bear plans for his hibernation by collecting and storing up food, I too must plan for my hibernation. I have to be intentional about it. For this season of our lives our time to hibernate is Saturday mornings. Currently it is the only day that the alarm isn’t set, so our bodies can soak a little longer. I steal out of bed earlier than my man and slip downstairs.  I fix a cup of my favorite Chai tea, start the fire and snuggle under my blanket. I linger longer in the Word, digging in deep for hidden treasures. I enjoy Him.

In order to be intentional about hibernating we have to guard it. We try not to plan things before 11 on Saturdays. Often, though this causes us to miss out on things that are good or to disappoint/frustrate others.

How/When do you hibernate or take your Sabbath?


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