Intentional Boundaries

By Karen Isbell

Everyone wants them but hates them.

They seem restrictive and yet bring freedom.

The American way does not lend itself to boundaries…it lends itself to excess making boundaries the enemy. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

I personally don’t like boundaries…I’m a bit of a free spirit. Yet, I’m learning how desperately I need boundaries and how much freedom they truly bring.

Looking at the life of Jesus He did ONLY what the Father told Him too. Not what the people asked Him too, not what His disciples expected Him to, ONLY what the gently voice of the Father instructed. I don’t really ever picture Jesus running around like a chicken with His head cut off asking the disciples to pray for Him because He was overwhelmed…why? Because He had firm boundaries.

“The pace at which I was doing the work of God, was killing the work of God in me” – Bill Hybels

I have really pondered this quote in my heart this week, allowing the Lord to show me where my boundaries are too loose. I have been reminded that I must ruthlessly guard my time with Him.

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