By Karen Isbell

Intentional: to be done with purpose or intent.

Intentionality is one of our family values. We strive to live intentionally in every aspect of our life. This morning, though, I was challenged in this area, specifically being intentional about those far from God. A couple shared how they gave their lives to God after people in our church intentionally invested in them for over 3 months. Our pastor unpacked it a bit more explaining how he intentionally planned meetings at the restaurant where she worked.

I realized today, that often I sit and wait for those far from God to come to me. After all they know I’m a Christian :) but I see that I need to intentionally invest in their lives so they can fully see the difference Jesus makes in my life. Jesus was intentional about seeking out those who were far from Him. Just as He is passionate about one lost sheep so should I.

One way my man has encouraged us to be intentional in others is by not going through self-check out.  This morning’s message has challenged me though to step it up to the next level and seek out other ways to be intentional with those in my life that are far from God.

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