Maintenance Monday: Life Interrupted

By Karen Isbell

(As I was writing this post, I was interrupted and never got to finish it until this morning :)

Yes, I know it’s Thursday and not Monday :) However, I have been attempting to post since Monday!

This has been a week full of interruptions

Holy Spirit Interruptions to my neatly, prepared ahead of time, blog schedule.

The reality of Memorial Day weighed a little heavier on my heart this year.

My brother-in-law is currently at bootcamp (and graduates next week with lots of cool honors!)

Since, Monday I have been pondering my reflections on the fight for freedom.

Lives are interrupted daily as men and women, past and present, fight for our freedom.

I have watched as my sister has taken on the role of husband and wife both in parenting and daily responsibilities.

The soldiers aren’t the only one’s sacrificing their lives for our freedom, their families are too.

As a believer, I too am fighting for others, an eternal battle for their salvation. Yet, I often don’t want this battle to interrupt my tidy life.

It was humbling to realize the sacrifices men, women and their families make on a daily basis for my temporary freedom here on this earth and yet I am hesitant to make sacrifices for people’s eternal freedom.

I have been challenged this past week to be more intentional in how I pray and plan, desiring to lay my life down for those in need of eternal freedom!

(Check out my friend Beth Webb’s blog, she gave me the honor of guest posting today!)

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