Maintenance Mondays: Daily Disciplines

By Karen Isbell

One of our family values is “others” and I love to pull this value card when housekeeping time comes.

While I do believe valuing others and relationships over a clean house is important, it is often my excuse for not working on the discipline of housekeeping. At the beginning of the year I chose a word for this 2012 and that word was weaknesses. This is one area of weakness that I am focusing on right now.(link to previous post)

Over the next few Mondays as I work on this discipline, I’m going to share some tips I’ve picked up a long the way from friends, blogs, etc.

Hopefully it will encourage you, but this is also a way for me to keep myself accountable to working on this weakness.

Here are some daily disciplines I’m working on incorporating into my life:

1. Swipe the sink: kitchen and bathroom daily

2. Clear the clutter: When you leave a room always have something in your hand

3. Start a load of laundry first thing in the morning

4. Clean a little everyday (I started this when I was teaching full time so I didn’t spend my Saturdays cleaning and its been a great habit…as long as I follow through :) )

5. Sort the mail…daily!

6. Prepare the night before for the day ahead

My friend Larra is very organized! I am challenged by her diligence in organization. Here are a few of her daily disciplines:

– Clean out your car everyday, restock diaper bags, snack bags, etc every night.

– Make sure everything has a place and put it in its place daily

– For a little extra exercise, when something needs to go upstairs take it immediately instead of letting it pile up

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