By Karen Isbell

I’m adding a new occupation to my resume…maintenance worker

Recently, as I have been working to improve my housekeeping skills, I have found that doing a little maintenance everyday makes the overall task of managing a home much easier.

I am highly skilled in procrastinating, where cleaning is involved, until I am so overwhelmed at the enormity of the task I simply run from it…not solving any problems. (I just always blame my love for people and needing to spend quality time investing in them over facebook :) )

A rose bush is much more attractive when it is properly pruned and maintained. You can see each bloom, they can receive adequate sunlight and nourishment. When it becomes overgrown its beauty it hidden.

This is also true in many other areas of my life. Pruning and maintenance are healthy disciplines I am working to incorporate into my life so that the daily demands of this world don’t become so overgrown I can’t pursue the Kingdom with my best energy.

At least I will have a good looking resume :)

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  1. Dianne D. Corwin
    May 10, 2012 at 10:42 pm (6 years ago)

    Good message for alot of us who excel in procrastination. Thank you for your insight. Love you, Mama.


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