Make it Count

By Karen Isbell

I am never a short on words.

I like words.

I love a good long conversation, especially with a Taylor’s Bakery cinnamon roll and vanilla chai.

My better half…he uses words only when necessary…and as few as possible.

(He is really good at listening…to all my words!)

His use of words has taught me a lot in the ten years we have shared life…make them count.

When Bryan says something, people listen. His words may be few and far between, but there is intent and purpose behind his words. He doesn’t use his words to fill the air, he uses them to speak life.

Our mouths are no longer the only avenue for our words to flow from.  Blogs, twitter and facebook are now all sources from which we can influence people with our words.

I have spent the last few months with a muzzle on :) The Lord has had me in a season of silence. I often found myself short on words and not always having the answer. It has been a good season to reflect on the power of words and the way in which I use them.

I want to make my words count…all of them, facebook, twitter and blogs. I want them to have intent and purpose to speak life and build others up, not just fill the air.

Conversations of silence can be some of the most personal.

How do you make your words count?

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