By Karen Isbell

“Sometimes I have to preach to my own emotions so I am not mastered by my moods.” Rick Warren

This tweet hit me hard. Especially when I read it 6 months pregnant.

One area of weakness I reflected on in 2011 was mastery…who or what was mastering me.

I am very often mastered by my emotions…especially when it comes to getting out of the bed in the winter…I love a warm bed!

One of our family values is discipline. Not because Bryan nor I are disciplined by nature, but because it was something we wanted to work on together and train our children in.

Discipline is an area we are both working on this year. Currently, he is working on disciplining his flesh through physical exercise and a better diet; (I am currently working on discipling myself from hurting him for taking all the chocolate out of the house when I am 7 months pregnant :) ). While I can’t work on the physical side with him, we are working on the eating together and I am working on disciplining my emotions towards house keeping. While he exercises, I use that time to discipline myself in doing different house chores that I don’t like and in the past have left undone because I was swayed by my emotions.

Our emotions are such a fickle human element. One of the most valuable truths I learned in college was that my feelings were not the truth; yet I find I am so often dictated by my emotions. When our emotions are rooted and grounded in scripture they are a good thing, but when they do not lead us into truth they must be preached too!

I read once about a pastor who ate potatoes for an entire year in order to have mastery over his food cravings. I desire this year, not to let my cravings or emotions master me but, by the power of Jesus bring them under the authority of God’s word…this could be a long year 😉 of revealing what truly masters me! May His power and grace be magnified in our weakness of discipline!

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