By Karen Isbell

Standing on top of Look Out Mountain in Tennessee you can see 7 different states (with the help of binoculars), but at the bottom of Look Out Mountain that view is no longer possible.

Our perspective can change simply based on our position.

I have been learning a lot about perspective in relationships. I often react from my perspective. I was recently faced with a situation that I did not know how to react or respond too. I got in my car and pleaded with the Lord for wisdom, wanting to handle the situation correctly.

I saw quickly how important my position was to having the right perspective. In order to respond the right way, I need to be in the right position.

A position of prayer.

Being in a position of prayer allows God to give me His perspective.

As I have started to step back and not react in situations, but position myself in prayer, I have seen God at times, change my perspective or give me the time and opportunity to pray for the other person’s perspective to be changed and their heart to be ready to receive it. Then I have been able to respond with the right perspective and in love.

Our position is a vital key to our perspective.

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