Project 365: Week 4

By Karen Isbell

No, I didn’t fall off the blog bandwagon we’ve just been BUSY and out of town…with limited internet access.

Here is a recap of the last week!

Friday, January 20:

We stopped at Hobby Lobby on our way to have dinner with Bryan’s family. We were on the hunt for Baby Bisbell’s journal. We will start writing in it on it’s birthday and continue each year on birthdays and other special occasions.

Saturday, January 21:

Today was such a special day! We had our first baby shower in Montgomery with dear friends and family who have watched us grow up. It was such a fun day! We played a fun game where everyone had to predict what the baby would look like…this is the winning prediction

Sunday, January 22:

We headed to Disney World with my family for a delayed Christmas present from our parents. We had a great time! I loved getting to experience it as an aunt! We started our adventure in Epcot.

Monday, January 23:

We had a great day in Hollywood Studios. It was one of my favorite parks! I love Toy Story, Star Wars and Indiana Jones so I really enjoyed the rides and shows. Bryan was an extra in the Indiana Jones show

Tuesday, January 24:

We spent our final day in Magic Kingdom. We had a great time seeing all the characters and Viv got dressed up like Cinderella.

Wednesday, January 25:

We spent all day Wednesday on the road. My family stayed the rest of the week but duty called for us :)

Thursday, January 26:

Back to the grind…we had a quiet night at home with our fallback dinner of rotisserie chicken and green beans

Friday, January 27:

Getting ready for our little tiger. I spent a good bit of today unpacking and organizing our gifts from our shower

Saturday, January 28:

Today we checked several baby prep-for-landing items off: we had our hospital tour and I had a breastfeeding class. Beth and Buck Webb were in town for a quick goodbye before moving to Wisconsin so we hung out with them at David and Farah’s.

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