SOW Scripture Prayer Cards

By Karen Isbell

As a mom of two littles prayer is something I crave yet so often the words are in short supply. Out of my desperation to have scripture and prayers readily on hand, I began to create scripture prayer cards. I have been humbled and overwhelmed at how praying through these daily or in times of need have brought peace and strength. I would love to share these with you and use them as a fundraiser for families in the adoption process. However, your feedback would be so helpful in ensuring that we create something that is valuable and will meet you where you are!

I’ve included a few images to give you an idea of what the cards look like and the format.

I would love for you to answer this 5 question survey!

DailyPrayersNew-01 DailyPrayersNew-03 DailyPrayersNew-04 SC-Child-01 SC-Child-11 Husband-03   Husband-09 Husband-07 copy

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