Speaking Life

By Karen Isbell

The end of the school year brings a lot of assessing. As I assess my students progress, I also have to assess myself.

Did I equip them to be successful?

I have learned, one of the essential pieces to their success, is not the tools I give them, but the words I speak over them. The words I speak over them can determine whether they use the tools I give them to achieve their potential or not. I can choose to see the best or the worst in them. I can choose to speak to their potential or their shortcomings.

Leading others is no different. As I am transitioning from teaching K-2 to a leadership position, I am realizing the main difference is their size :).

Jesus chose disciples who were uneducated. He did not choose them based on their gifts, talents or what they could accomplish; but on who He knew they could be through the transforming power of His Word and His Spirit. 

Jesus didn’t chose me based on my current condition, He chose me for who I could be through Him.

I’m learning that it’s just as important to see the best in my brothers and sisters in Christ, and to speak life into their God-given potential in order for them to accomplish all God has for them; as it is for me to speak life to my students.

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