How I Survived the Terrible 2’s

By Karen Isbell

I’m not sure when my mom became a prayer warrior.

If she wasn’t diligent in prayer before I came along with my “curiosity” and love for adventure, she was every moment after.

Whether I sent her to her knees daily or not, one of the greatest gifts my mother has given to me is her faithfulness to prayer.

I saw her pray with friends, in our schools, for our teachers, for our hearts, and for our minds.

I survived the terrible 2’s on the coattails of her prayers.


Our spiritual heritage is one of the greatest gifts we can pass on.

My mom cultivated in me the gift and desire to pray.

I want to continue the lineage of prayer warriors in our family.

I want to cultivate the gift and desire to pray in Ellie.

I want her to see Bryan and I pray bold prayers.

I want her to teach me how to pray better.

I want our family to have a rich spiritual heritage of prayer.

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