The Beauty of the Unseen

By Karen Isbell

I was reading about John Wesley recently and it was mentioned about several spiritual disciplines that his mother taught him. As as mother to be (any day now!!), this stirred my heart as I thought about the joy and honor (and enormous responsibility) of shaping our child into who God would have for them to become.

John Wesley, John Piper, Andy Stanley, A.W. Tozer, Frances Chan, Steven Furtick, Beth Moore. These are all names we know and we have seen the influence they have had on propelling the Gospel. But there are those who stand in the wings, those who are unseen in the lives of each of these saints. Those whose names we do not know.

I am truly thankful for the unseen in my life. There have been many who took the time to disciple me, to teach me and to love me. I know I would not be the disciple I am today were it not for the prayers of my mother, my 5th grade Sunday School teacher (Paul and Dian Sims) who instilled a love in me for God’s Word, the patience of my 7th grade bible study leader,Kelley Cooper, the wisdom and instruction of Jan Beale from 6th-12th grade as she taught me how to study the Word, the gentle and quiet spirit of Jacque Lunsford who accomplishes more in prayer in a hour than I can in a year, my student pastors who invested so much time and energy to help us engage with God and showed us God has a big sense of humor (Jason Watson, Billy Russell, Tim Miller), the encouragement of April and Matt Dean, who saw something in me, before I saw it in myself. I am truly humbled and thankful for each of these people and many more who have been a part of my journey in “Knowing Christ and making Him known”.

There are many unseen in the wings of my life, but also in the body of Christ. The Intercessor who prays diligently for the pastor each week, Nani Beti, in Kathmandu Nepal who cooks, cares and prays over nearly 50 children daily while suffering from severe arthritis, those who rock the orphan to sleep while praying for the family that will rescue them.

I am thankful for the unseen in the lives of the pastors who are influencing our nation right now, the unseen in the Body of Christ around the globe who are faithfully serving the Kingdom, and the unseen who are currently shaping the next John Wesley.

Who are some unseens in your life?

Whose unseen are you ?


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