The Ebenezer Tree

By Karen Isbell

She stands tall, lights dancing across her branches and ornaments glistening from her limbs, her beauty boasting the glory of her Creator.


She was created to boast His Glory.

Bare limbs and branches sing His praises loud, yet adorned she becomes an Ebenezer.


An ebenezer of the faithfulness of a Creator to a people in need of a Savior.  An ebenezer of the Healer who Redeems and Restores.


The Why and the What:

Last year as I reflected on Christmas with a sweet little one kicking inside me, I pondered how we would explain Christmas to him/her. I love all things Christmas. I wanted to tell the story in every part of the Christmas Celebration. I wanted to remember His faithfulness.

Last January, I started my prayer journal, but a little more intentionally than most years. I wrote down specific prayers and added to them throughout the year.

When it came time to decorate the tree, I took the solid ornaments and a paint pen and boasted of our God’s goodness and faithfulness over the last year.

Not all our prayers were answered…and others were answered in ways unexpected. It wasn’t a perfect or easy year, but He was Faithful.

I look forward to a day when I fill up an entire tree with ornaments boasting of His goodness.

How do you reflect and remember His goodness and faithfulness this time of year?



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