The Work of Sowing

By Karen Isbell

I have grand ideas of growing a garden one day. I longingly look at my artificial flowers and imagine them being replaced with fresh cut blossoms from my own private selection. Then I look out my window and my dreams are quickly shattered. Our yard is a long way from being what I imagine. It will require long hours of manual labor to prepare the Georgia red clay for seeds to take root and grow. But the promise of the beauty and life that those seeds will produce is what gives me the courage to (someday) go face-to-face with the red clay (or at least send Bryan).

This is how I feel about sowing into my children’s lives. I can imagine who they will become and the potential I see in them, but tilling the soil of their hearts and sowing truth into them is hard work. The fruit of my labor isn’t always visible…or appreciated. Yet, the heart of a child is fertile soil in which to sow the seeds and truth of God’s word.

The “Sow Scripture Cards” are designed to be a tool to help sow the seed of God’s Word into young hearts. The first set is the “ABC Set” and is a fun way to teach the alphabet while teaching simple scriptures.

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ABC Cards Preview

ABC Cards Preview2

ABC Cards Preview3

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