Walking in my Weaknesses

By Karen Isbell

I spent some time in prayer and reflection during December. I reflected on 2011 and looked towards 2012. As I spent this time with the Lord, He began to show me some closets that needed cleaning out.

Closets where garments had been hidden in fear.

I begged the Lord not to make me clean out these closets and try these outfits on. I liked them hidden…out of sight, out of mind.

But, they weren’t hidden, despite being out of sight. They were still having influence.

He showed me that my fear was not only crippling me from walking in the fullness of life He offers, but also crippling the Body of Christ and the building of the Kingdom.

Whoa…even now, I am humbled by the selfishness of my fear. I was so focused on myself, that I did not see, how me living in fear, kept me from fulfilling the role God has me to play in the Body of Christ.

This was enough to give me the courage to dig deep into that closet and pull out those garments. I was not going to let the Enemy have another year of keeping in the grip of fear.

For 2012 I have chosen to follow the leadership at CrossPoint and live by one word instead of focusing on goals and resolutions. I will be walking in my weaknesses in 2012, so that His strength may be made perfect in them (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

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