Welcome to Motherhood.

By Karen Isbell

I am sitting here, listening to my sweet girl stir. She inherited her mother’s “waking up” patterns…we wake up very slowly :)

My introduction to motherhood has been nothing short of wonderful! These past 6 1/2 weeks have been nothing short of sheer joy, fun and excitement!

We are blessed beyond words to be sweet Ellie’s parents. (I’m sure she is completely confused as to why we were chosen as her parents :) )

I’ve already had several “mom” moments to laugh about

1. First doctor’s appointment she had an explosive diaper…no worries we have the diaper bag…that has no diapers in it

2. Drove an hour down to see Bryan’s grandparents at Easter…without the diaper bag

I absolutely love the way she responds to my voice, even when its with a cry. It’s so overwhelming to see her respond to my voice. It gives me a greater glimpse into the heart of the Father and the way He designed relationships to reflect our relationship with Him. Just like only sheep know the Father’s voice, Ellie knows my voice and the voice of another does not bring the same peace and comfort.

Bryan and I are already learning so much from her! It’s going to be an amazing journey!

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