When All You Can Do Is Pray

By Karen Isbell

Rain continues to fall as Irma ensures her name is not forgotten. Her impact on us was significantly less than others. Yet, in our community, there are those without power, those with damage and those grieving the loss of loved ones.

I have friends and family in Florida who have no power and are just beginning the recovery process. All while the recovery continues in Houston.

I’ve sent texts.

We’ve sent money.

To be honest, though, I feel helpless. With three littles five to four months it’s hard to be on the front lines of responding to the needs in these circumstances.

Since entering this season of raising littles I have found myself often on the sidelines, watching as others walk through storms.

When my best friend is on the other side of the country walking through a miscarriage.

When my sister-in-law is diagnosed with cancer.

When my mom couldn’t walk and I was on bed rest one state away.

All these times I longed to be tangibly present with them but found myself tethered by own life circumstances, only able to pray.

It’s easy to feel like prayer isn’t fruitful in the wake of storms. Yet, when circumstances leave us on our knees only able to offer our prayers we aren’t left helpless because,

We pray to the God of comfort

We pray to the God of peace

We pray to the God of provision

We pray to the God of healing

We pray to the God of strength

God promises that, “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” We may not see the fruit of our prayers on earth, but we can know that we are petitioning the God of the Universe who is tangibly present in every circumstance.

Prayers for the home

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