Why I Hate Organization

By Karen Isbell

ImageI must confess…I don’t love organization or even like it for that matter.

I love the end result of organization. A place for everything and everything in it’s place…only it doesn’t stay that way.

I don’t like the daily grind of organization. I like to cross things off my to-do list and never see them again…so those pesky daily, recurring tasks…we tend to dislike each other.

So organization and I had this deal. I would organize and everything would have a place but if it didn’t always find its way back, it was ok because at least I knew there was a place for it.

I have just enough left brain in me to find organization among the mess.

18 months ago, a precious little bundle joined my chaotic world and needed me to think for her, feed her and clothe her. I quickly realized I needed a new system. While my semi-organized system satisfied the left and right brain in me…it didn’t create a peaceful home.

An organized home is a peaceful home.

An organized home is a simplified home.

When I am organized I don’t have to spend time wondering where something is, rushing around to pack diapers bags…or wondering if I forgot something.

When I am organized I can focus on the what matters most…people.

I’ve grown to value organization over the last 18 months. It’s made my life simpler and more peaceful. I’m grateful that the left brain in me can not get overwhelmed by a mess or still go to bed when the laundry isn’t folded. It still don’t like it…but I appreciate it 😉

Here are some of my favorite things to keep me organized.

1.Image Organizing Utility Tote: I love this bag. It’s a great diaper bag or picnic bag. It’s also great for storing laundry supplies. The pockets provide easy access. Get this for 50% off this month when you spend $35 dollars.


Image2. Large Utility Tote: The large Utility Tote is great for keeping in your car to keep all the little things organized.



3. ImageHang-Up Wall Organizer: This keeps all our mail off the counters





Do I have any other semi-organized friends out there?

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