Why We Celebrate

By Karen Isbell

7 years ago I married my best friend…and we celebrated. It was a fun day.


Each year we celebrate and remember the commitment we made that day. Some years we celebrate big with a special trip or nice dinner. Some year we celebrate simply. But every year we celebrate. Every year we remember:

  • Our commitment
  • God’s faithfulness
  • The joys
  • The lows
  • The fun

It’s not how you celebrate. It’s that you celebrate. The act of celebrating or remembering is a Biblical discipline that we see the Lord command the Israelites to in the Old Testament.

Every year of marriage is a good thing to celebrate…the good years…and the hard years.

I want to celebrate Bryan today and 7 things that I love about him:

1. I love his smile and his single dimple (that is often covered by facial hair)

2. I love his competitive spirit. He loves to win. He has taught me to love to win too 😉 He is not only competitive but he will fight for his family and our values.

3. I love his quiet spirit. He is wise with his words. When he speaks people listen.

4. I love his servants heart. He is quick to serve and put the needs of others first.

5. I love his generous spirit. He is quick to give his time and money to help others and to further the Kingdom.

6. I love to watch him be a dad. He is an amazing father. He plays with Ellie after he gets home no matter how tired he is.

7. I love to watch him lead worship. It is one of my greatest joys to be led in worship by him. I love his heart to help and train other worship leaders.

This past year has been one of our hardest and best. We walked through a hard season that made us stronger together. We welcomed our sweet Ellie and began the adventure of parenthood. I am honored to share life with him and can’t wait for all the next 7 years will hold.

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  1. Lynn
    March 12, 2013 at 10:13 am (5 years ago)

    My “darling daughter”….it thrills my heart to see how much you love the Lord…how much you love your husband…how much you love Elle! God blesses you everyday with a Word that impacts those around you. Thank you for sharing this through your blog, that is so beautifully written. XXXOOO


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