Why I Don’t Like Bedtime Prayers

By Karen Isbell

BedtimePrayersBedtime with three kids 5 years old to 3 months old is controlled chaos. By the time I close the last bedroom door I feel like I’ve wrestled with monkeys and lost. I always envisioned bedtime being a sweet time of prayer and family devotion. Yet, more often than not, bedtime is a very unspiritual experience in our home.

I am not a night person. I know bedtime routines are important and a time when our kid’s hearts are open. But, after a full day, I can’t get the bedroom doors shut and my feet propped fast enough. So I wrestle with the tension of wanting an intentional rhythm of Bible and prayer time with our kids but bedtime not working best. I was ready to call it quits on the whole thing after several years of failed attempts at trying to make bedtime work.

Then I realized that bedtime wasn’t the only time we could gather together. (I’m a slow learner)

We like slow mornings in our house. I like to get up before everyone else and squeeze as much of the quiet out as I can before the chaos of the day ensues. We are all much nicer people after we have lingered a little longer in our mornings around here. I began to see that morning was the best time for our family to gather. My patience was more abundant and my thoughts more coherent.

So I took the pressure off bedtime and shifted our time to mornings, usually while we eat breakfast. We still have a bedtime routine that involves prayers, stories, and back-rubs, it just doesn’t require mom and dad to have deep theological thoughts. For us, there are fewer interruptions and distractions in the morning and the pace is slower.

As we start a new school year, I’m beginning to see that our rhythms are going to change as our girls grow. Our oldest started Kindergarten this year, making our mornings more rushed than they used to be. On mornings when we all need to sleep a little longer, carline has become a great time for us to pray and practice scripture. It’s easy for my to put our rhythms in a box, but I’m learning to hold them with open hands and embrace the rhythms of the season we are in.

If you’re like me, longing for that intentional time with your kids but struggling to find a time that works best, keep trying. It will always be worth it to find moments in our day when we can engage our children’s hearts and point them to Jesus. And don’t be afraid to quit on bedtime!

forty-eight topical prayers to teach your children to pray

The ROOTED intentional prayer card set will equip you to create an intentional rhythm of prayer with your child. Check it out here.

How I’m Praying for My Child this School Year

By Karen Isbell

HowI'mPrayingforMyChildSending our kids out from the shelter of our home into the wilderness of the world never seems to get easier. I’ve only conquered the pre-school years, but as we face Kindergarten this fall, it seems like climbing Mt. Everest.

Join me in this blog series to hear how moms are praying for their children this school year. You will hear from moms with children from pre-school to high school. Let’s cover our children in prayer as we send them out.

Sign up here: http://www.intentionalprayercards.com/blog-series

Bloom: Intentionally Praying for Your Child 5 Day Challenge

By Karen Isbell

PRAYING INTENTIONALLY FOR YOUR-2Do you long to pray purposeful and powerful prayers for your child but feel like they fall flat sometimes?

The “mom brain” struggle is real. Most days I can’t put together a complete sentence much less an effective prayer.

My mom taught me the power of prayer, cultivating in me a passion for prayer and diligence to be faithful in it. But motherhood has brought an unexpected season to my prayer life, one that yields half-sentence prayers offered whenever I find a quiet (or not so quiet) moment. I long to pray intentional, purposeful and powerful prayers for my children but struggle to find the words.

Desperate, God led me to His word, reminding me that powerful and purposeful prayers are already written for us, we don’t have to depend on the cohesiveness of our words to pray intentionally for our children. He has equipped us when our words fail us. FullSizeRender

Join us for a 5 Day Challenge as we pray intentionally for our children. You will get 5 free scripture prayer cards to download and use during our journey. Print them off and place them around your home or in your Bible to remind you to pause and dwell with Him as you go throughout your day. Sign up here.


Flourish: Praying Intentionally for Your Husband

By Karen Isbell


Prayer is one of the greatest gifts we have been given as children of God. Yet, in the crazy and chaos of raising two littles and working my prayers often fall short of powerful and effective. I long to pray for the important not just urgent. Out of my own desperation to have a way to pray scripture intentionally for my husband, children and home @intentionalprayercards were born.

flourish 1Praying scripture aligns our hearts with God’s Word producing fervent, powerful and effective prayers. As wives, praying for our husbands is one of the most powerful things we can to do to love and encourage him and strengthen our marriage. I want to invite you to join me and a community of women in February who are going to pray intentionally for our husbands. 40% of the proceeds from FLOURISH Intentional Prayer Cards will support our monthly partner. Find out more about them and their story here.


Intentional Prayers for Your Husband

By Karen Isbell

As a mom of two littles most days I struggle to put a complete sentence together much less an effective prayer. I longed to pray powerful and effective prayers for my children and husband but felt like I kept praying for the urgent and not the important. Intentional Prayer Cards were birthed from my own desperation to pray powerful and intentional prayers…the fact that they are pretty is just a fun bonus 😉 I love having them around my house to remind me as I go throughout my day to pause and pray over these people God has given to me.

Here is a free PDF download of intentional prayers to pray for your husband. Sign up for our mailing list and it will come to your inbox!




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